4:30am February 1, 2013

So, some fun facts!

  1. Pharaohs used to recycle statues a lot. Carving them took a lot of work after all, and since all pharaohs were supposed to basically be the ideal perfect human, they all looked the same. Not in real life, but in carvings. So, rather than have people carve all new statues, they’d simply carve their names over the cartouches of previous statues. (A cartouche being the name of the pharaoh in an oval, with a bar on the bottom to symbolize eternal life)
  2. Ramses II was notoriously high on himself. He took old statues and made them his and had lots more new ones carved as well. He was very sneaky though. He didn’t want people to come around after he died and steal his statues for their own. So while they were all labeled somewhere obvious with his name, he had them add a second cartouche somewhere secret, like on the bottom of the statue’s foot. So that even if a later ruler tried to “steal” the statue, it would always be of him :P
  3. In the second picture, you can see pictures of war prisoners. However, Ramses II wouldn’t take ANY old prisoners, would he? That’s why the names of the prisoners are in a oval like that. it’s like a lesser version of a cartouche, without the bar. They wouldn’t live forever, and they weren’t as important, but Ramses was awesome because he was defeating important people rather than nobodies.
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